Alaska Knotted Leader fishing lodge - An Overview

Cephalostyle (n.) The anterior close of the notochord and its bony sheath in The bottom of cartilaginous crania.

Catoptrics (n.) That Element of optics which explains the Houses and phenomena of mirrored light, and especially that which happens to be reflected from mirrors or polished bodies; -- formerly referred to as anacamptics.

Circulation (n.) The act of shifting in a very circle, or inside a study course which brings the going system for the place where its movement began.

Bring about (n.) To effect as an agent; to create; to be the event of; to carry about; to bring into existence; to create; -- commonly followed by an infinitive, sometimes by that by using a finite verb.

Obstacle (n.) To object on the reception in the vote of, as on the bottom that the individual in not capable as a voter.

Clue (n.) That which guides or directs 1 in everything of the Uncertain or intricate mother nature; that which supplies a hint in the solution of a mystery.

Refrain (n.) A company of folks supposed to behold what passed inside the acts of a tragedy, and to sing the sentiments which the activities instructed in couplets or verses concerning the acts; also, that which was Consequently sung because of the chorus.

Cerebroscopy (n.) Examination on the Mind for that analysis of condition; esp., the act or means of diagnosticating the condition in the Mind by evaluation of the inside of the eye (as with the ophthalmoscope).

Cell (n.) An extremely smaller and shut condominium, as inside a jail or in a monastery or convent; the hut of the hermit.

Chimney (n.) That Component of a building which includes the smoke flues; esp. an upright tube or flue of brick or stone, typically extending through or over the roof on the developing. Typically made use of rather than chimney shaft.

Camber (n.) An upward convexity of a deck or read other surface area; as, she provides a superior camber (mentioned of the vessel possessing an abnormal convexity of deck).

Centreboard (n.) A movable or sliding keel formed of a broad board or slab of Wooden or steel which may be elevated right into a h2o-tight case amidships, when in shallow water, or could possibly be lowered to boost the area of lateral resistance and stop leeway when the vessel is thrashing to windward. It is Utilized in vessels of all dimensions alongside the coast of the United States

Capstan (n.) A vertical cleated drum or cylinder, revolving on an upright spindle, and surmounted by a drumhead with sockets for bars or levers. It is far used, Primarily on shipboard, for going or increasing weighty weights or exerting good electrical power by traction upon a rope or cable, passing throughout the drum.

Main (n.) The pinnacle or leader of any entire body of Adult men; a commander, as of an army; a head guy, as of a tribe, clan, or relatives; anyone in authority who directs the function of others; the principal actor or agent.

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